Monday, July 25, 2005

The Hospitalist Movement

There was some blogging this weekend about the movement. Kevin MD linked an article from the Chicago Tribune about hospitalists. I found the article accurate except for its negative portrayal of patient acceptance of hospitalist care. “So if the system is so great, why don't patients appreciate it?” the author asks. Mainly anecdotes and a sampling of opinion back up the author’s negative assessment of patient satisfaction. At least some research evidence paints a brighter picture. Wachter’s textbook Hospital Medicine 2nd ed. p.4 cites two studies [1] [2] showing patient satisfaction with the hospitalist model to be no worse than that of the traditional primary care system.
Retired doc shared his impressions of the annual meeting of the Society of Hospital Medicine, (the national hospitalist organization), wondered if it’s largely about money, and drew some lively reader comments.

Disclosure: I’m a hospitalist enjoying the success of the movement.

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shepherdcrane said...

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