Thursday, November 16, 2006

Acupuncture anatomy goes mainstream!

I figured they pretty well knew the layout of the human body when the classic edition of Gray’s Anatomy was published in 1918. Sure, there have been many subsequent editions with updates in terminology, embryology and cell biology but the depiction of “gross” features hasn’t really changed much. But after a tip from the Health Fraud List pointed me to this Georgetown University Medical Center site I began to wonder if they shouldn't rewrite the anatomy books. Georgetown apparently thinks the “anatomy of acupuncture” should be incorporated into gross anatomy.

Until recently complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) courses in medical school have been offered mainly as electives. Georgetown wants to take it a step further and “Aim CAM curriculum at all students through required courses.” Plans for integration of woo into the basic science courses read like fodder for late night infomercials: psychoneuroimmunology, stress hormone modulation through relaxation, imagery and breathing regulation and more.


james gaulte said...

I don't see how this "trend" can get any more ridiculous but somehow it will.

Dr. Stefano Marcelli said...

Dear Dr. RW and Followers.

your post is of 2006, and I find it googling "gross anatomy acupuncture".
Because of the subject of you post, I think you will appreciate the article I wrote and that has just been published. Among acupuncturists, MDs must admit that acupuncture absolutely lacks of evidences! Many MDs admit it. but many with a great effort. Meridians are coupled like devils (yang) and angels (yin) of our primitive superstitions :-). Nevertheless, the systematic gross anatomical comparative observation I adopted for the acupuncture meridian system, as a fundamental step of the scientific method, would put on my desk a rational hypothesis, though very far to be verifiable.
Best regards,

Dr. Stefano Marcelli MD