Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Orac’s med school woo aggregator

Over the last couple of years Orac and I along with a few other bloggers have posted innumerable examples of uncritical promotion and teaching of non-evidence based woo in medical schools. Although we’ve marshaled plenty of evidence of the encroachment of woo into med school curricula, up to now it’s been fragmented, widely scattered and buried in archives of our blogs. This, of course, is not conducive to quick reference. Today Orac has remedied the problem by compiling a list of links to academic medical woo all in one post! (I had thought about doing something similar but had not yet found the time or energy).

I knew such a list would be large, but seeing it all in one post was overwhelming. As the list grows it will need updating frequently to keep it current and near the top of our blogs, an effort to which I hope to contribute from time to time.

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