Friday, December 07, 2007

The latest Medscape Roundtable covers medical school promotion of pseudoscience

In my mind and perhaps in the minds of a few other bloggers med students may have to start checking their brains at the door to the lecture hall if present curriculum trends continue. I’m referring, or course, to the uncritical promotion and teaching of pseudoscience in medical schools under the rubric of “complementary and alternative medicine.” Not everyone agrees, and starting today this spirited debate will play out in the pages of Medscape!

It’s the topic of our latest Medscape Roundtable Discussion, a lively point-counterpoint among Nick Genes, Roy Poses and myself. Although the Roundtable Discussion is featured in the med student portal (what better place to hold this debate!) it will receive some general exposure across Medscape. I wish to thank Medscape for helping take this issue beyond the blogosphere.

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