Thursday, February 02, 2023

Autonomic dysfunction as a cause of cardiovascular disease


This free full text review focuses on neurodegenerative synucleinopathies and briefly, in addition, touches on other disorders such as POTS, vasovagal syncope and inappropriate sinus tachycardia.

Synucleinopathies result from misfolded protein aggregates of α-synuclein. The normal function of α-synuclein in the nervous system is not well understood.

The synucleinopathies are parkinson disease, lewy body dementia, pure autonomic failure and multiple system atrophy. Any of these disorders can be accompanied by autonomic dysfunction.

Orthostatic hypotension, supine hypertension, or both may occur. All of the long-term consequences of hypertension may be associated with the supine hypertension seen in autonomic dysfunction. Use of a short acting antihypertensive administered at night is a suggested treatment strategy.

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