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Special circumstances where warfarin is favored over DOACs

 When is warfarin favored over DOACs?

 Valvular atrial fibrillation

This term is becoming obsolete. For anticoagulation for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation  DOACs are contraindicated and warfarin favored in severe rheumatic mitral stenosis and mechanical prosthetic valves.

Liver disease. 

If Child Pugh is C DOACs are not recommended. If B, apixaban and rivaroxaban can be used “with caution” (FDA labeling ).   Child Pugh calculator.

 Antiphospholipid syndrome. 

Warfarin is favored (Up to Date). 

Morbid obesity: 

DOAC is okay for BMI up to 40. Above 40 rivaroxaban and apixaban are acceptable but other DOACs should be avoided. 

History of gastrectomy or weight loss surgery: 

Warfarin preferred. This review summarizes the rationale and recommendations regarding morbid obesity and patients who have had weight loss surgery.

In addition, certain drug interactions with DOACs are category X thus prohibiting use.

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