Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Creighton University Alternative Medicine Links

Their web site on Voodoo describes the theory and methods. Though falling just short of promoting Voodoo in its entirety the article maintains that Voodoo pharmaceuticals are effective. Concerning the spiritual dimensions of Voodoo healing it takes a non critical stance: “As a philosophical and cosmological system, with its emphasis on spiritual reality, it is regarded by science with doubt and derision. Yet, this may be due, as mentioned earlier, to their disparate paradigms and may merely be a reflection of the conceptual prejudices of Western science.”

Here is a crystal therapy page which explains all about Chakras.

Here is their craniosacral therapy page.


EoR said...

I think the "Scientific Information" link ( says it all. Takes you to a page that starts "There is no actual scientific evidence".


Anonymous said...

Be careful with your title there ... it clearly states at the bottom of the page that the views on those pages are not those of Creighton University, but of the author.

R. W. Donnell said...

Thanks for the comments. I have edited the post slightly so as not to imply that alt med promotion is the position of the university as a whole.

Anonymous said...


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