Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pseudoscience promotion by hospitals

Memorial Herman Katy Hospital is hosting a workshop this week on ancient healing methods. Participants will be taught “how to use sound and movement to cleanse and recharge the internal organs of stagnant energy, standing meditation and other postures that drive qi or ‘pure energy’ through the bones, increasing strength and balancing the immune system.”

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gmm said...

Let me tell you about how you can heal cancer with the mind........The mind can heal itself of ha ha ha ha. The thing is, I heard this at a WCB based pain clinic that chose to use this crap instead of treatment....and when there was actual medical treatment available they said there wasn't enough evidence for that treatment and it was a fight to get it. Holy crapola Batman! They want it both ways- evidence based if it is expensive, and alternative if it is cheap. And if nothing works----it is your fault because you did not think yourself well. I hate when the medical community has one more way to blame the patient for not responding to treatment. How can you fight that?