Friday, May 26, 2006

Kudos to Medpundit

I knew there was another reason to miss Medpundit. She was, on occasion, willing to challenge the PC orthodoxy in medicine. In researching my post on the CMAJ mess I overlooked this.

Straight to the guts of the issue, she said: “Well, it is the Canadian Medical Association's journal, so they're well within their rights to tell the editors to tone down the politics, aren't they? It happens all the time to
political writers and editors. It isn't as if the Association asked the editors of the CMAJ to suppress scientific research papers. Political proselytizing, like religious proselytizing, doesn't belong in a scientific journal. And if the editors want to make the journal political, then they should realize they have to play by the same rules as every other political editor.”

Wish I’d said it.

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