Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bugs outpacing drugs

There is an impending shortage of antibiotics to combat emerging resistant infections. The antibiotic pipeline has been regulated to death, so says a commentary from last May in the Washington Times.

Marketing considerations and regulatory costs have exacerbated the antibiotics drought. Until about a decade ago, all major pharmaceutical makers had antibacterial research programs, but they have dramatically trimmed or eliminated these efforts, focusing instead on more lucrative drugs that treat chronic ailments and lifestyle issues. Read the rest.

I previously cited the Infectious Disease Society of America’s warning here.


Trisha Springstead RN said...

My husband and I live in a small community in Brooksville, Florida. I filed a non chemical all organic and botanicals patent in 2003 for treatment of skin care without phallates, triclosans, petroleum distillates, parabens, hexanes and more. I am an RN with 25 years of hospital experience. Cathy Harding is a close associate of mine who wrote her PhD thesis in Nursing Practice on Psoriasis and the use of Chemicals vs Botanicals. The USF Dept of Dermatology turned down her study because we were not Merck, J&J ect.
I and other nurses are seeing a huge increase of parisitic and diagnoses of MRSA (no nosocomical positive swab) and Diagnoses of Staph, no positive cultures. Just eyeballing.
Because of limited exposure to patients by the way they resource them out to derm, infectious disease Docs are not and don't want to see the holistic syndrome.
It starts with a small papule and erythemia, then a pustule, then itching and biting then full blown
ulcerations. (They are calling it scabies, end stage lymes, ect.
We are watching the next Plague coming out and Docs are not able to see it????
These people are all over the country and we are trying to help them and keep them safe. No Doc will recognize the ultimate ulcerations and we have seen the mites and things coming out.
Everyone here has a rash. Skin Problems and they are resistant to any chemicals.
I feel like I've been in the xfiles. I have photos, of the dash to the rash to the ulcers
I also have the slides.
I also have a film and am pissed that no one can see this happening.
Trish Springstead RN

Anonymous said...

These bugs are getting bigger, 420 persons reporting in to a small town business selling skin care patent. United States under Patricia Springstead: we have watched her help countless persons in this Area and on the phone countless hours with people all over the country and the world with DOP, Unreavealed Punch and Full Thickness Biopsys. Entomologists won't confer with Derms, local health Depts, the CDC, NIH, San Francisco, Texas, Florida, Hospitals, Clinics, Docs, in fear of Repercussions of Treatment. Some treating with old strains of Antibiotics and no new ones stong enough to combat this Syndrome.
This is a horrible and frightening delusion that is real and persons with it are getting more delusional by the day. If you were itching, feeling biting and Crawling Sensations and no one would even be an advocate for you, You would be delusional also.

Anonymous said...

Finally. My 23 year old daughter had to take a medical leave of absence from college because of this parasitic infection. She is not delusional, however, she is despondent. Someone needs to make this a priority for both the CDC and the medical community. We are currently living in Broward County.

Anonymous said...

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Patricia Springstead RN said...

OH MY GOD, now they are calling it end stage lymes, Morgellans, Neuro Derma, scabies, Community Aquired MRSA unresponsive to antibiotics, Staph with no clinical criteria, Unresponsive Shingles,SARS, Ulcerations, Contact Dermatitis. You have to go see this film.
Go to Body Bugs

aripekangel said...

This disease is getting worse by the day. Please contact Dr Susan Kolb in Atlanta, Georgia or Dr Barry Gould in Atlanta who are putting their lives on the line for these patients. This is no joke and people do not want to see it.
They can help.