Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Patch Adams rants to Vanderbilt medical students against psychiatry, government

Adams declared to the students “Our government is worse than Hitler” and that today’s medical students would live to see the extinction of the human race. He advised them not to prescribe psychiatric drugs and said depression is a “selfish act.”

Read the rest and laugh. Via VUMC Reporter.


Anonymous said...

Throwing "Nazi" around this way trivializes the horrors of the Nazis, which is incredibly scary.

Mother Jones RN said...

I met Patch Adams back in 1999. He was cordial until he found out I was a psychiatric nurse, then he turned into a sarcastic bastard. As a former psychiatric patient, he made it clear he hated speaking to anyone who engaged in “barbarism.” I respect the man as a human being and he the right to his opinion, but I think he has some deep personal issues he’s trying to workout on the world stage.