Friday, January 05, 2007

New age fluff at Wake Forest University Medical Center

Read about their promotions of Therapeutic Touch here. Here is their Grand Rounds schedule for Holistic and Integrative Medicine. They even have a conceptual model of how all this is supposed to fit together.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful what you denegrate. 90
% of one's patients are going to get better no matter what you do, whether it's abx or magic crystals. Which one is less harmful? Couldn't they be complementary? Being a good doctor doesn't mean you cure your patients; it means your patients like you. If you spend enough time with a patient, he/she will think you're the best doctor ever, if you convince them that you're doing something that will help them.

If it's something serious, go to a specialist for real medicine (which may or may not be combined with some magical thinking treatment). GP's/pediatricians could learn a lot from chiropractors. One just needs to recognize when it's something more serious.

Also, careful not to group all holistic medicine into a single group. Do you think yoga could help a bad back? Meditation could help with depression/anxiety? Meditation for chronic tension headaches? Meditation for any chronic disease may alleviate frustration and aggravation associated with the dz.