Monday, January 15, 2007

Public Citizen: The medical liability crisis is a hoax

They “prove” it here. Point of Law offers this expose of the Public Citizen report. (Via Kevin MD).

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Anonymous said...

Oh, puh-leez. There's always stuff to quibble on, but the Public Citizen report makes clear is that the number of suits is constant. Something even pointoflaw does not argue with. That's the material point.

Whether or not you get higher/lower judgments is less clear--and also much more difficult to calculate. We are wealthier society than we were 15 years ago and, therefore, economic damages tend to be higher.

Pointoflaw's arguments are cavilling: if you use mean judgments, you get some increase, of about 6%, not a big deal. Using general inflation as opposed to medical cost inflation is not necessarily "correct." etc., etc. The point is there is NO CRISIS, even accepting pointoflaw's points.

On the whole pointoflaw is being the industry lapdog it's paid to me; Dr. RW is being a self-interested physician monopolist. Who looses? All the people doctors maime, murder, and poison.