Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thought provoking

I’ve been tagged by Angry Doctor to spread the meme (originated, appropriately enough, here) of blogs that make me think. These are blogs that challenge me, sometimes by disagreeing with me, always in a collegial way. Here are some---not an all inclusive list by any means.

DB’s Medical Rants – thought provoking discussions on teaching, learning and health policy.

Retired Doc – critical discussions of issues in Internal Medicine which often challenge popular simplistic assumptions.

Orac – incisive criticism of pseudoscientific woo---and some really funny stuff.

Kevin MD – something intriguing just about every day. How does he do it?

Clinical Cases and Images – a great repository of Web based resources that challenge me on my quest of lifelong learning.

OK, consider yourself tagged. You know the drill.

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