Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Love those ‘lanches

In that greatest and most elaborate of all computer games, blogging, there are numerous ways to score points. One, sort of analogous to baseball’s grand slam home run, is the proverbial ‘lanche. The term is usually combined with a blogger’s name and refers to a spike in traffic that results when said blogger links to one of your posts. It originally referred to the coveted Instalanche, meaning, of course, the huge increase in traffic following a link from the widely read Instapundit blog. I’ve never had an Instalanche but I’ve had my share of Kevinlanches and Oraclanches which always make for a good blogging day.

Today I experienced one of the more significant ‘lanches in my blogging carreer---an Overlawyeredlanche. The folks at Overlawyered included my latest John Ritter Lawsuit post in their February 5 roundup. Many thanks for the link!

I knew something was up when I checked my blog stats:

For my humble little blog that's a lot of hits!

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