Thursday, December 18, 2008

The great existential question for bloggers these days

---is “Should I twitter?”

DB has been pondering it.

Reasons to twitter:

I can express my stream of consciousness in real time.

I can promote my blog and increase traffic.

It’s a quick way to share thoughts when I don’t have much time.

Breaking medical news appears early on twitter.

Reasons not to twitter:

How many people really want to tap into my stream of consciousness, anyway?

Why worry about blog traffic? After all, I’m blogging for me, right?

I don’t need to twitter to write quick posts in real time. I can do it on my blog. It’s worked well for Instapundit.

There’s very little truly breaking medical news. Medical sound bites are always distorted.

I choose not to twitter, at least for now. There’s barely enough time to blog. Why add something else to my plate?

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