Friday, June 19, 2009

Pearls on toxicology

---and a vast array of other topics were presented at the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly last fall. Leon Gussow, MD, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Rush Medical College, wrote in Emergency Medicine News:

A great many informative and entertaining lectures were presented at the American College of Emergency Physicians' Scientific Assembly, all essential to the practice of emergency medicine, but here I examine some important issues raised in lectures related to medical toxicology.

These lectures contain some fascinating content for seasoned clinicians, such as you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. You can access the pdf files of the PowerPoint presentations for the toxicology content and all the other lectures here.

Since this CME accredited meeting is awash in industry support (300 companies or so) it serves as a good example of what we’ll lose following the ban on commercial support for CME. It also provides an opportunity for the Dr. RW challenge to the PharmaScolds of the world to examine the meeting’s content, call out any biased or distorted information and convince skeptics like myself that this type of meeting should be banned.

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