Friday, July 17, 2009

A wooster selected to lead the lymphoma association

Orac writes:

Homeopathy is quackery, pure and simple, and hiring a quack apologist to run what should be a science-based organization sends a horrible message. At the very least, it makes me wonder if the BHA is about to go down the woo-hole of quackademic medicine. If so, British patients with lymphoma should be very, very afraid indeed.

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Jim Purdy said...

Is homeopathy good science? Probably not.

But, as a patient, I have often felt that mainstream medicine is not good science, either. I may be an unusual patient with very atypical reactions to medications, but I have had a long history of very severe adverse reactions to medications, some of which have been life-threatening.

I have had to quit taking many meds because of the side-effects, and when I try to explain to my doctors, they just get angry and dismiss m as "non-compliant."

Have I ever used homeopathy? No, but they couldn't do any worse than many of the arrogant, closed-minded fools in white coats that I've seen in recent years.