Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Retired Doc on health care reform

In a way, criticisms surrounding the health care reform bill resemble those surrounding the patriot act: an opportunistic rush to implementation in a time or crisis; senators and representatives who didn't read the entire bill; bending the Constitution; threats to individual liberty; sweeping executive powers which circumvent legislative or judicial approval; and unintended consequences.

Retired Doc has been on a roll with a series of must read posts which serve as a repository of these concerns:

So who will do well and who will not as the Medical Care "reform" is enacted

As business realize Obamacare will cost them,congress will demand what?

Compulsory medical insurance -but not until after the next presidential election

Health care "reform:,wouldn't it be nice to think so?

Could the Independent Medicare Advisory Board pave the way to an exclusive single payer?

Section 10320 of health care bill-reason to be afraid

More "well thought out" parts of the massive health care bill deserve worry

So how does the Obama health care bill "provide" health care for almost everyobody?

The Health care bill- No one knows what it will do but don't worry

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