Friday, October 08, 2010

Republican agenda a recipe for a failed republic! NEJM

According to an NEJM perspective piece prospects for the upcoming midterm elections should terrify everyone!

Such an outcome would trouble ACA opponents: their goal is repeal. It would trouble ACA supporters: they want the law to work. But it should terrify everyone. The strategy of consciously undermining a law that has been enacted by Congress and signed by the president might conceivably be politically fruitful in the short term, but as a style of government it is a recipe for a dysfunctional and failed republic.

The outcome he's talking about is based on the fact that the Republicans would have a tough time repealing health care reform over an Obama veto. A more likely scenario is that they could defund or otherwise cripple it.

More from Wesley Smith.

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Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

The GOP who will prevail next month owe gratitude to Obamacare, which is causing increasing angst in the public. As the details creep out, folks have deepened their skepticism into outright distrust. Of course, costs won't be controlled, unless serious rationing is instituted. Just this past wk, the government is issuing waivers to certain businesses who can't afford to comply with the law. This law was a arrogant overreach that had very very short term political gain. It's the wind at the GOP's back now.