Friday, January 21, 2011

The EMR dogma

---holds that the electronic medical record improves patient safety and facilitates quality. This has been shoved down doctor's throats despite the lack of supporting evidence. Here's an insightful post from MD Whistleblower who nails it with these comments:

Clearly, EMR is in transition. I place it on the 40 yard line, a long way from a touch down or field goal position...
I am not a Luddite who opposes EMR on ideological grounds. I believe, and have written, that once perfected, it will accomplish its mission. My quarrel is with those who already claim that the goal line has been reached, or is in sight. I also believe that many of these systems were designed by folks who don’t practice medicine or understand physicians’ needs. What’s good for billers and coders may not help physicians in exam rooms with living, breathing patients.

Yes, we're on the 40 yard line. We have a long, long way to go before we overcome the unintended consequences and develop robust quality and safety tools.

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