Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AMA's membership decline

---has been talked about for years. This piece from Medpage Today is a little dated but is the best summary I could find about it:

Although the group boasts close to 240,000 members, 29% are students or residents, who pay sharply discounted dues. Still more of the members are retirees, whose dues are also cut...
Of those members, 20.5% are medical students, 9% are residents, and 36.5% are 56 or older. As one delegate put it, "we have a lot of students and a lot of old docs, but not a lot of practicing physicians."

Declining membership and diminishing relevance. Most in the rank-and-file, I suspect, would tell you AMA no longer represents their professional interests. Why? According to these posts the AMA repeatedly capitulates to increased government intrusion because they are conflicted: beholden to the government for their coding business. How so? AMA holds the copyright to the codes and CMS mandates them. There you go.


james gaulte said...

But at least they are vigorously working for social justice.

Anonymous said...

The AMA has lost touch with the practicing physician. I belonged to the AMA for 40 plus years, but no more! We need the House of Medicine to look under the bus, where the AMA threw us. ARH