Monday, November 04, 2013

The Mediterranean diet protects against CKD

I never cease to be amazed. From a recent report:

Results Compared with low adherents, medium and high adherents were 23% and 42% less likely to have CKD, respectively (adjusted odds ratio [95% confidence interval]=0.77 [0.57 to 1.05] and 0.58 [0.38 to 0.87], respectively, P for trend=0.04). Among those individuals with CKD, phosphate intake and net endogenous acid production were progressively lower across increasing adherence groups. No differences were observed regarding other cardiometabolic risk factors across adherence groups. As many as 168 (33%) CKD individuals died during follow-up. Compared with low adherents, proportional hazards regression associated medium and high adherents to a 25% and 23% lower mortality risk, respectively (adjusted hazard ratio [95% confidence interval]=0.75 [0.52 to 1.06] and 0.77 [0.44 to 1.36], respectively, P for trend=0.10). Sensitivity analyses showed significant and stronger associations when only adequate dietary reporters were considered.
Conclusions Adherence to a Mediterranean dietary pattern is associated with lower likelihood of CKD in elderly men. A greater adherence to this diet independently predicted survival in those patients with manifest CKD. Clinical trials are warranted to test the hypothesis that following such a diet could improve outcomes (independent of other healthy lifestyles) in CKD patients.

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