Sunday, June 15, 2014

H1N1 influenza ARDS versus non-influenza ARDS

There were substantial differences in clinical course in this small study:

Twenty-one patients with H1N1-ARDS and 41 with non-H1N1-ARDS were identified. Gas exchange was more severely impaired in patients with H1N1-ARDS over course of time. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation was more frequently needed in H1N1-ARDS. Despite significantly prolonged weaning off extracorporeal lung support and intensive care unit stay in H1N1 patients, the proportion of survivors did not differ significantly. Only Sepsis-Related Organ Failure Assessment score could be identified as an independent predictor of extracorporeal lung support.

Clinical course of H1N1-ARDS is substantially different from non-H1N1-ARDS. Affected patients may require extensive therapy including extracorporeal lung support in ARDS referral centers.

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