Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dr. Richard Baron debates Dr. Charles Cutler and defends MOC before the Philadelphia County Medical Society

Yes, the same Richard Baron who just two months later sent out the “We're sorry. We got it wrong” email to ABIM diplomats. You can watch the debate here. I was not aware of this video until just the other day, following ABIM's announcement, from some of the comments on social media. It gave me a better understanding of what's going on and dampened my initial optimism about ABIM's February 3 announcement. Dr. Cutler's description of how our money is being spent by the board was shocking.

What was of particular interest to me was Dr. Baron's vigorous defense of MOC including the changes that went into effect in 2014. He claimed to have years of demonstrated need and evidential support to back up the changes. There was nothing tentative or circumspect in his arguments. He came across as one who had firmly made up his mind. How then do you get from there to “we got it wrong” in just two months? My skepticism concerning the February 3 announcement is heightened.

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