Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ACP puts out its own guideline for hypertension in the elderly

In short, the target is systolic below 150, and consider below 140 if high cardiovascular risk is present.

As to the choice of pharmacologic agents they don’t write anything in stone:

Effective pharmacologic options include antihypertensive medications, such as thiazide-type diuretics (adverse effects include electrolyte disturbances, gastrointestinal discomfort, rashes and other allergic reactions, sexual dysfunction in men, photosensitivity reactions, and orthostatic hypotension), ACEIs (adverse effects include cough and hyperkalemia), ARBs (adverse effects include dizziness, cough, and hyperkalemia), calcium-channel blockers (adverse effects include dizziness, headache, edema, and constipation), and β-blockers (adverse effects include fatigue and sexual dysfunction).

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