Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How do you prepare pre meds for the woo they’ll be taught in med school?

Teach it in undergrad, of course! Call it Project Head Start. Pre med students, it seems, are taking Boston University’s Chinese Medicine class:

There are also premed students looking for another perspective. Western doctors may generally be skeptical of the field, Kohn says, but she notices more of them are sending patients to classes in yoga and Qigong (posture and breathing exercises).
"You've got a new generation of doctors who've grown up with the idea that some self-practice, self-awareness is really helpful," she says.

Next thing you know, med schools will be adding it to their list of prerequisites, right alongside biology, organic chemistry, etc.

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drncc said...

Heya RW,

Here in Ontario the Ministry of Health is leaning towards adding "TCM" (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to the list of Regulated Health Professionals.

Okay, so it already includes chiroquacks. But still. Come *on.*