Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NCCAM chelation study site tour---Part VII

The Marino Center for Progressive Health in Cambridge, Massachusetts is one of the NCCAM chelation therapy study sites. The clinic features the usual array of alternative methods including acupuncture, chelation and chiropractic. Their IV therapy program offers intravenous therapy for multiple ailments including the common cold. One of the major components of the IV program is magnesium therapy. According to the web site magnesium “plays a critical role in a vast array of acute and chronic diseases” and “studies strongly suggest that when it comes to magnesium, most of us may be running on less than a full tank.”

At the Magaziner Center for Wellness, another chelation study site in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, patients are offered a variety of alternative treatments including hyperbaric oxygen therapy for neurologic diseases. The Center promotes this vast array of herbal products for everything from faulty immune systems to stress.

The Gables Natural Medicines Center and Day Spa is another NCCAM study site located in Mayville, New York, offering chelation and naturopathic medicine.

The Rhinebeck Health Center in Rhinebeck New York, another study site, advocates chelation therapy and a variety of other CAM modalities. The site contains a number of articles, one of which advances the theory that mercury containing vaccines help cause autism, and defends the work of the Geiers in this area.

Background: part VI here; part V here.

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