Saturday, January 21, 2006

Arnold Relman versus Andrew Weil

April 9, 1999 marked a defining moment in the alt med controversy. The future of “integrative medicine” was the subject of a debate between Arnold Relman, editor emeritus of the New England Journal of Medicine and Andrew Weil, director of the University of Arizona program in Integrative Medicine. A partial transcript of the debate was published several months later in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Relman took the skeptical side, arguing that pseudoscience and mysticism cannot be meaningfully “integrated” with Western science.

Now you can watch the debate in its entirety here (scroll to April 9, 1999 and choose Real Player or Windows Media Player format). It was recently posted at the Video Archives of the University of Arizona. (Gotta go with Relman on this).

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james gaulte said...

From Weil's point of view it is too bad that it was not a beard contest instead of a debate.He would have won that.