Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Setting the record straight about Creighton University alt med links

Two commenters cautioned me about my post originally entitled “Creighton University School of Medicine promotes unscientific methods.” Anonymous said “Be careful with your title there ... it clearly states at the bottom of the page that the views on those pages are not those of Creighton University, but of the author.” EoR said “I think the ‘Scientific Information’ link ( says it all. Takes you to a page that starts ‘There is no actual scientific evidence’. Exactly.”

Indeed these and other disclaimers are found within the Creighton University alt med links. I took a closer look at the links. Some are appropriately critical, some are neutral, and others are implicitly or explicitly promotional.

The main links page says “The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors alone” and “This page is for informational purposes only and the practices described herein are not endorsed by Creighton University

The web site is maintained by a professor who teaches the senior medical student alt med elective. Many of the articles appear to be written by the students.

It was not my intent to imply that the promotional material reflects the position of the university as a whole. I regret the misunderstanding and have edited the title of that particular post. Having established that the university does not officially endorse these claims I have to ask why the school of medicine allows such content on its web pages. I will examine more of this content in future posts.

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