Thursday, April 06, 2006

Post graduate pseudoscience for nurses

The “Just for the Health of It Prophets Conference” to be held in Boulder Colorado May 19-21 2006 awards 17 credit hours for RNs . According to the course schedule the conference will include instruction in Shamanism and energy healing featuring Adam the dream healer.

A conference and workshops on “The Cutting Edge of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine” will take place June 23-28 in Boulder and offers nursing education credits. Content includes image therapy, energy medicine, cosmic consciousness and “dynamical systems theory.” One of the workshops entitled “The Five Mystical Stages of Consciousness Experienced through Sound Currents” teaches participants to make “special vocalized sound currents under the direction of a spiritual master” to modulate one’s consciousness and transmit the resulting state to others. A workshop in “energetic psychotherapy” explains the role of the chakras in depression treatment. Other lectures will demonstrate a thermographic record of the hands of a healer and explain how alterations of consciousness can alter our DNA.

Read the brochures and be amazed. Then find out if your state’s nursing board approves post graduate education in shamanism, mysticism and energy healing.

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