Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dennis Quaid sues Baxter Health Care

…over the heparin overdose given to his newborn twins last month. What piece of this am I missing? From Reuters:

Their lawyer Susan Loggans said the babies were now back home and "doing fantastic."

"The last thing the Quaids want to do is to file a lawsuit but the objective is to prevent this happening to someone else," Loggans said.

It’s great that the Quaids and their lawyer want to champion the cause of patient safety but isn’t there a more constructive way? In order to bring suit don’t there have to be damages?

There’s more:

Loggans said Quaid had not yet decided whether to sue Cedars-Sinai, one of the leading hospitals in the United States, over the mix-up.

"Cedars-Sinai has already apologized and we are waiting to see what they do to respond," Loggans said.

Whadaya bet?


feminizedwesternmale said...

Yep, that's going to fix everything! /sarc

Richard said...

To sue for malpractice you need to prove harm was caused.

I'm not so sure that is true in this case.

The other cases where this led to death however, would be eligible for a malpractice tort.