Thursday, December 13, 2007

Differing views juxtaposed

Kevin says ----

Doctors aren't paid enough. There, I said it.

But medical student and AMSA fellow Paige thinks we’re greedy:

The annual starting salary for the lowest paid group, pediatricians is 140,000. On what planet is that not enough money? Even with debt and a family, it's possible to get by pretty comfortably. As a profession we have gotten greedy, and this greed percolates through our entire profession.

Whadaya think?


Anonymous said...

Lord, he's clueless. It's appalling that a student, for God's sake, repeats the nonsensical argument that our profession is greedy. Doctors want to make a decent living, and are upset with declining reimbursement, and for primary care, the inability to even keep their practices open. Wake up!! We're not the greedy ones.

Paige Hatcher said...

You have said that you would no longer care to debate with me, but your post led to one on Kevin MD's blog that I found appalling, sexist, and borderline defamatory. Please cease and desist. I did not post on your page or solicit your comments, please stop posting about me.

R. W. Donnell said...

I thought your characterization of our profession (or those of us who call for better reimbursement) as greedy was too judgemental and, therefore, deserving of accountability and debate.

I am sorry if you felt you came under personal attack (although it's not my intent it's a hazzard of blogging) but what I think Kevin was really implying was that, as a medical student, your understanding of real world medical economics has to be limited.

Although I may wish to criticize the views of AMSA I will honor your request not to reference you personally in future posts.

Paige Hatcher said...

Debate is one thing... but your post led to a discussion on another blog where commenters started a conversation regarding my merits as a female in general, discussed my marriage prospects, and so forth. I only debate with those who can hold worthy arguments, not those who resort to sexism.

R. W. Donnell said...

Fair enough.