Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CME under attack

For a long time I’ve been warning readers (as in this post) about the movement afoot to limit doctors’ CME options. Recently this McCarthyesque purge has developed into a full frontal attack on some of the more popular forms of CME, namely Medscape and professional society meetings that receive industry support.

In recent conversations with several leaders of professional society affiliated CME events I have been told that these meetings barely break even in spite of pharmaceutical industry support. If the present inquisition succeeds many such meetings will cease to exist. (If you think I’m kidding check out the latest discussion thread over at Wachter’s world regarding his popular hospital medicine course. The 2008 meeting may be the last!).

As for Medscape, the leading provider of free online CME, Daniel Carlat thinks it’s corrupt and he’s complaining to the AMA and the ACCME. Meanwhile Medscape Editor-In-Chief Dr. George Lundberg sees this as a siege against CME and intends to continue Medscape’s offerings.

If you believe the CME provided by Medscape and professional society meetings is worthwhile now is the time to let your voice be heard.

(H/T Kevin MD).

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