Monday, August 25, 2008

Should the medical profession police its bloggers?

The controversy began with a recent SGIM article which I discussed here. Then CMAJ piled on here and I responded here. Now American Medical News has weighed in with an article in which the crux of the debate is illustrated:

Dr. Lagu said the code is welcome but argued that professional groups should adopt policies explicitly addressing blogging ethics. The American Medical Association has no policy, and none is under development.

Some physicians disagreed with the notion of formal medical blogging standards.

"That's a horrible idea," said Robert M. Centor, MD, a blogger and member of the American College of Physicians' Board of Regents. "The beauty of the Internet and blogging and personal Web sites is that you can do with them what you want to do."

Dr. Centor, aka DB of Med Rants, posted on his own blog this morning concerning this issue:

Long time readers know that I am a social and internet libertarian. I do not want any medical organization telling me what I can or cannot write. I write at my personal risk, regardless of their "rules."

I agree.

H/T to Grunt Doc.

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