Thursday, May 21, 2009

Betsy McCaughey part 2

This is the most controversial portion of her talk, where she expresses views that have been misappropriated as opposition to comparative effectiveness research. But listen carefully and note that she does not express opposition to head-to-head trials or any other means of comparing treatments. What she does express is skepticism regarding the current administration’s agenda behind the research. She goes on to expose a philosophical bent towards rationing, particularly in the care of the elderly, among key administration health policy players now in a position to put their beliefs into practice by design tweaking and spinning the research.

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Brother Larry said...

Absolutely brilliant! We as a nation, as the majority, need to help OUR government to redirect their reform efforts to changes that which will actually help improve health care. TORT REFORM, Personal Savings Accounts, Free Markets across state lines, and insurance that covers our medical needs the same way as our auto and home policies. (They do not pay for maintenance and minor repairs)