Friday, May 22, 2009

Hospitalists viewed as business solutions

This quote from one of DB’s commenters speaks for itself:

The danger…is that many hospital administrators see hospitalists as valuable…as utilities.

I am a nurse employed by a large for-profit hospital corporation, where ill patients requiring complex care are reduced to standardizable, predictable units of production with one-size-fits-all solutions. Business concepts of efficiencies and productivity determine health care priorities. Managing costs rather than managing care, when it comes to dealing with the complex care of ill patients, deteriorating working conditions,
and poor patient care, trump compassion and quality of care.

Where I work, hospitalists are valued by administration as utilities to managing costs
rather than as valuable assets to providing high quality care to patients.

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james gaulte said...

Did not hospitalists come into existence as a business solution, not only for the hospitals but for internists whose older "business model" as the classical internist became less and less economically viable?quing