Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh hospitalized with chest pain

We interrupt our top ten series on hospital medicine to bring you this:

To supporters and haters alike, agonizing and anxiously awaiting the results of the battery of tests being given to Limbaugh by his Hawaii doctors, worry not! Bill Shireman at the Huffington Post has nailed the diagnosis. Is it angina? GERD? Musculoskeletal pain? NO!

You see, Shireman explains, Limbaugh has two addictions: not only pain medication but also the adoration of his fans. He can only service this latter addiction while he's in studio doing his daily radio show. Ergo:

That he experienced chest pains while on "vacation" just illustrates the point. I can't imagine any experience more disconcerting to a socially fearful celebrity than an unstructured Hawaiian vacation. People who feel they are fundamentally inauthentic or undeserving are bound to unhinge a bit when left alone with their self-awareness.

Brilliant! I hope someone lets his doctors in Hawaii know before those greedy cardiologists do all their unnecessary procedures.

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Jon Jacobs said...

Wow, Shireman must be putting us all on. Nobody that delusional would be let out of the loony bin.