Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lisa Sanders on “House”

I'm amused by medical bloggers' reactions to the TV series “House.” These reactions come in two forms. Some are appalled because the main character is such a horrible example for the profession. Others see each episode as a plausible clinical scenario, an exercise in differential diagnosis. Both reactions miss the point because they take the show too seriously. The writers and producers are playing a joke on us and laughing all the way to the bank. “House” is a dark comedy.

Lisa Sanders writes seriously about real cases. But as technical advisor to the show, her suggestions are not always followed:

The lead character, Gregory House, MD, verbally abuses patients, goes overboard ordering tests and above all, he’s “a jerk,” Dr. Sanders said. But after all, it’s television, and the former CBS news producer turned med student turned Yale professor understands the difference between reality and good drama. Besides, as one of the show’s writers said after listening to Dr. Sanders’ lengthy lecture on proper medical procedures, “You’re right. But my way is funnier.”

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