Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So you've been sanctioned by ABIM over the Arora course---now what?

A commenter tipped me off to this piece from the WSJ Health Blog. Sanctioned docs are trying to figure out how to get due process. The comment thread is interesting too. A common theme there is that all prep courses, yes, even the “legitimate” board review courses, are heavily influenced by old exam content. That's why this is going to open up such a can of worms. Other courses (and their attendees) may feel threatened. Meanwhile the lawyers will be busy.

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Anonymous said...

To Dr. RW: "so the lawyers will be busy!!" How right you are!! Although no one knows for certain how many lawyers have contacted ABIM, here are the links to those who appear to be involved in this mess and have so acknowledged publically:

Why this is so important even to those not affected is that the consequences here could affect all standard preparation testing companies and their review courses. This is a case that bears watching.