Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just about the last place I expected to find quackademic medicine

---was Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Quackademic medicine goes against Vandy's traditions. VUMC was a leader in the biomedical sciences. It was always a place where new ideas were welcome but where nutty ideas were just nutty ideas. I was aware that woo got its foot in the door of VUMC a year or so ago with the opening of the Center for Integrative Health. At the time though I thought it was mainly soft woo. Then the other day I found this:

Early in the video I was mildly encouraged that at least scientific plausibility was preserved with the mention of endorphin and serotonin release but about 1:39 in when he started talking about blocked chi it was all over. This is pure woo. If it can find a place at Vanderbilt it can find a place anywhere. The infiltration is nearly complete.

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