Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whither Obamacare?

From around the blogosphere:

A majority of states now have suits against it.

65% of doctors think health care would deteriorate under Obamacare according to the latest poll.

Other polls show support for repeal.

200 economists sent a letter supporting repeal.

Now that it has been repealed in the House will it even make it to the Senate floor? There are rules that could be invoked.


Virginia Doc said...

200 economists, eh?

Remind me again... How many scientists wrote a letter denying climate change?

You can find 200 "experts" to support any opinion you want. Of all people, you know that better than most. All politics aside, that's just a dumb argument.

R. W. Donnell said...

Although I personally would like to see Obamacare "reformed" this post was not an argument for repeal. It was merely intended to point to examples of mounting opposition.

I agree, the mere fact that 200 economists wrote a letter favoring repeal means nothing. But if you're interested you can follow the trail of links to the full story about the letter, where you can evaluate their argument on its own merits. I found it to be plausible.