Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Conscience opposition protected in Illinois

From Secondhand Smoke:

An attempt by the State of Illinois to force pharmacists to dispense emergency contraceptives against their personal religious beliefs has been thwarted by an Illinois Circuit Court. This is an important case because of its potential U.S. Constitutional implications as its potential impact the broader medical conscience issue going forward.



kitty said...

So what are women who were raped supposed to do if they live in small towns with only one country or in areas where all pharmacists have similar religious beliefs?

How is it good to have a law that can potentially deny a woman access to a prescription medication?

Anonymous said...

Yes, real good. So now in Illinois women can bleed to death as the already can in Idaho

Now, the particular women didn't bleed to death, but she could. I guess it's OK in your book.

Oh, and there was also a case where a pharmacist refused to give pain killers to a man with terminal cancer suggesting he tried other ways to control pain. If I hadn't been a nicer person than I am, I'd wish the same kind of pain on the bastard.

Oh, and if someone thinks that pain killers for end stage cancer patients can hasten death, and it's against their religion, it's their choice too, according to you, and to hell with patients' rights.