Monday, April 18, 2011

“Performance improvement” CME

I knew we were moving in this direction but I was not aware that “PI CME” was official. Dan Carlat blogged this yesterday. As one would expect he's mainly concerned about industry getting in on the trend, but between the lines of his post I read a measure of concern about the whole idea of PI CME. I'm concerned too. Performance has little to do with quality, or good doctoring by any definition.


ctlassoc said...

So performance - what you do in caring for your patients - "has little to do with quality, or good doctoring by any definition." Oh my.

Clinton said...

Ctlassoc, the implicit message is that performance is a two way street. You don't feed a jockey a carrot if his horse wins the race, especially if he's on the sideline without reins, saddle or bridle in hand.

Similarly, doctors can't simply be rewarded or punished by performance measures of their patients when we make Autonomy a core value of our medical practice and ethics.

Even if we required our patients to do what we wanted them to do what we wanted for 8 hours a day, like school... Think about the impact of No Child Left Behind and the focus on metrics rather than success of each student has had.