Wednesday, November 09, 2011

When it comes to the QT interval

We're familiar with the long QT syndrome and, more recently, the short QT syndrome.

Now it appears that variations toward short or long term QT intervals even within the normal range are associated with increased mortality.

From Medpage Today commenting on the paper:

"As often happens in medicine, the first recognized cases of [long and short QT syndrome] had extreme QT prolongation or shortening, but it is now clear that considerable overlapping exists between the QTc [QT interval corrected by heart rate] values of the healthy population and those of the genetically impaired, so that no single QT value reliably separates 'normal' from 'short' or 'long'," wrote Sami Viskin, MD, from Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel, and colleagues in an accompanying editorial.