Sunday, March 10, 2013

Which antidepressants prolong the QT interval?

According to a BMJ study:

Results Dose-response association with QTc prolongation was identified for citalopram (adjusted beta 0.10 (SE 0.04), P less than 0.01), escitalopram (adjusted beta 0.58 (0.15), P less than 0.001), and amitriptyline (adjusted beta 0.11 (0.03), P less than 0.001), but not for other antidepressants examined. An association with QTc shortening was identified for bupropion (adjusted beta 0.02 (0.01) P less than 0.05). Within-subject paired observations supported the QTc prolonging effect of citalopram (10 mg to 20 mg, mean QTc increase 7.8 (SE 3.6) ms, adjusted P less than 0.05; and 20 mg to 40 mg, mean QTc increase 10.3 (4.0) ms, adjusted P less than 0.01).

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