Saturday, May 10, 2014

May-Thurner syndrome

Here is a case report and brief topic discussion from the SHM 2014 abstract presentations. This condition is easily overlooked but its diagnosis has treatment implications. From the abstract:

May-Thurner syndrome is due to significant compression of left common iliac vein between right common iliac artery & lumbar vertebral body. It’s clinical prevalence is 2-3% of all lower extremity DVT’s and it results in intimal hyperplasia causing anatomical obstruction & stasis. It is commonly seen in women between the ages of 20-50... 
Although May-Thurner syndrome is a rare cause of DVT, it can cause recurrent episodes of DVT, PE, Chronic venous insufficiency & life threatening thrombosis. Clinicians should look for May-Thurner syndrome in young women between ages 20- 50 (even though they are on OC pills) who present with extensive Left leg DVT as Catheter directed thrombolysis, angioplasty & stenting can cure the condition.

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