Thursday, March 05, 2015

Broken ribs and other injuries from CPR---how often?

Here’s a study of patients undergoing CT scanning post resuscitation, both successful and unsuccessful:

During the study period, 309 patients who suffered out-of hospital cardiac arrest were transported to our emergency room and received CPR; 223 were enrolled in the study.
The CT images showed that 156 patients (70.0%) had rib fractures, and 18 patients (8.1%) had sternal fractures. Rib fractures were associated with older age (78.0 years vs. 66.0 years, p less than 0.01), longer duration of CPR (41 min vs. 33 min, p less than 0.01), and lower rate of ROSC (26.3% vs. 55.3%, p less than 0.01). All sternal fractures occurred with rib fractures and were associated with a greater number of rib fractures, higher age, and a lower rate of ROSC than rib fractures only cases. Bilateral pneumothorax was observed in two patients with rib fractures.

Via Hospital Medicine Virtual Journal Club.

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