Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Another Newsweek story on maintenance of certification

This one is shocking. Worse than even I thought.  

More from Dr. Wes. 

A big part of this whole discussion has been whether doctors, once certified, should even have to "maintain" this certification by jumping through more hoops in the first place.   One of Dr. Wes's commenters effectively ridicules the notion by extending it to its logical conclusion:

Just got a letter from my alma mater saying that my BS in engineering would be revoked if I didn't come back to college and prove proficiency in calculus and heat transfer. They are charging me a large sum for this remediation and claim that it is best for society. The dean said that my diploma was 'rented' and not granted unconditionally.

Funny, my medical school said the same thing. I need to enroll in a weekend course to brush up on anatomy and biochemistry. The dean said that the Krebs cycle is making a come back.

Finally, if this wasn't bad enough. My residency program and fellowship directors left messages on my phone saying that I will have to round one weekend every six months or I will no longer be certified by their programs.

I am very thankful, though. It could always be worse with the elementary school, junior high and high school requiring proficiency. Wait, the phone is ringing...

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