Sunday, April 05, 2015

Elevated blood pressure in hospitalized patients

Conclusions from a recent article in ACP Hospitalist:

Hypertension has not been clearly defined in the hospital setting. The current definition of hypertension pertains to patients with chronic hypertension in an ambulatory setting.

Hypertensive emergencies should initially be treated with parenteral antihypertensive medications.

There is no benefit to acutely decreasing BP in patients who have elevated BP but no hypertension-related target organ damage.

Reflexive treatment of hypertension based only on BP readings should be avoided, and potential harms of an acute drop in BP should be considered.

Recognition of new or undertreated hypertension might be an opportunity to educate patients about the risks of hypertension and to introduce strategies to achieve better control.

Hypertensive emergencies are defined by the presence of target organ damage, not a number.

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